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Just wanted to agree with the one consumer that had issues with $149 taken out of the account.I even read the card agreement and didn't see anywhere where they were goign to take out that muchh for having that card!

I even reaqd the card agreement and that never said anything about taking $149 out of my checking account, let alone knowing they were connnected to it in the first place to take that much out. That's crazy and I kind of feel like a victim with that happening. Does anyone know a way that I can write them and get my money back?

All I would have to say is don't get or use that credit, they may turn around and take you off the credit card, thereby charging you $149.That's just one side of someone's view, but this someone can't afford that much taken out of her account!

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Usa Credit Card - Misunderstanding

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I too, applied for a PayDay Loan and received a call from USA Credit.I was under the impression that I would be receiving a Credit Card for the amount I applied for with PayDay Loan (like a Vista or MasterCard), not a online shopping card for the amount applied for.

Talk about being mislead. I am also on a fixed income and now I myself am out of $149.95 that was taken from my checking account without my permission. And what I am reading, it will be impossible in trying to get the money back.

I to, agree this company needs to be stopped and charges filed against them.

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Usa Credit Card - Usa credit rip off people

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these people tried to charge my acct 149.00 and it cause me insufficient funds on my acct..i do not know how they got my acct information.

they dont return emails or phone calls...

i blocked them from being able to take money out of acct but who knows who they will share the information with if anyone else comes across this scam log a complaint please so people are aware of the scams out there.please it isnt a good feeling being a victim let others know i appreciated it when i looked up and found other that had filed a complaint it made it easier to get my basnk to block the transactions thanks rhonda

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